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Centrecom has been working with various government entities for many years. Operations in this sector have been largely strengthened since 2010 when a number of government entities mostly from Malta join our client portfolio.

Most government entities have operations that run on customised IT systems. These systems are complex to use and training staff can be demanding and logistically difficult since cost is always an issue with such entities.

Most government entities (or government departments) start with our Overflow Service which directs calls to us when their agents are busy. This includes busy telephone lines and also redirection of unanswered calls.

Aviation Online (Australia)

Both can be very important to keep service levels constant therefore reducing public complaints that can be damaging to the reputation of the entity. Most such entities require highly sensitive information processing in compliance with strict regulations and data protection Law. 

We participate in software and procedural training devising our own manuals based on standard operational procedures (SOPs) in accordance with client requirements and requests. 


Centrecom (Europe)

Today a lot of our government entities that started off with Overflow services have moved their call answering operations solidly to Centrecom.
We have built a highly secure environment coupled with agents and training staff that are very familiar with the knowledge required creating a long-term system that allows the customer to rely on us invariably.

At Centrecom we are customer centric in whatever we do and we are constantly developing  our Clients and Service Portfolio in order to deliver an outstanding service to our clients and their customers
  • Strengthen the relationship with our present clients
  • Every client is important
  • Attract new clients
  • Develop our service portfolio

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