Classifieds Moderation and Fraud Prevention

As market leaders in customer service, Centrecom provides the support, advice and guidance your customers need and the (manual and human) content moderation your business depends on. 

Our moderation specialists have extensive experience in monitoring and filtering user-generated content, pro-active listings screening vis-a-vis policy compliance and integration of moderation with customer support for adverts, replies, cases and fraudulent activities. We provide a multi channel solution covering voice, email and live chat for your VIP clients and can also help with stimulating your customer into more purchases through outbound sales services. 


We have plenty of experience working with the eBay Classifieds Group for whom we provide content moderation and customer service services. We work extensively with Gumtree in one of the most difficult countries to run classifieds due to high fraudulent activity and yet, it still positions itself as one of the top world classifieds sites for content quality.

We use sophisticated content moderation software and have developed agent moderators' capability to analyse and profile fraudulent adverts and accounts in order to gain insight into how different fraudsters are utilising our site. Our experience with the biggest online classifieds website in the UK, gives us unique exposure to thousands of fraudulent adverts on a daily basis. This experience is translated into tangible results:

  • Over 40% decrease in the number of victims; 
  • Knowledge sharing between support and fraud teams to identify trends;
  • Pro-active fraud screening of listings resulting in a higher number of blocked fraudulent adverts and a decrease in the number of victims;
  • Handling of fraud related user reports and taking immediate action thereon; 
  • Dedicated fraud team experienced in ThreatMetrix™ that enables us to: 
  • find people hiding behind proxies or disguising their true location, IP address or device;
  • look for a single device creating many accounts;
  • filter out registrations from known malicious devices;
  • detect computer-generated names and emails, and botnets automating account creation;





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