Multi-Channel Complete Coverage Call Centre

We understand that it takes a solid IT infrastructure, constant training and multiple communication touch points to offer a truly remarkable customer experience.

In today’s hyper connected world, offering good customer service also means comprehensive channel coverage through customer service for a seamless experience between the various platforms. Customer support calls that do not experience first contact resolution tend to go cross channel. This is where a seamless experience can help prevent friction with customers.

Your mobile, desktop and social customer support need to be readily available and highly responsive. They can also be used as innovative ways of stimulating new purchases from existing customers. The right message at the right time can boost your sales and stimulate repeat business.

We have developed a number of services that help our customers, big and small, get access to multi channel support. The most commonly requested packages would entail the following services, however we also tailor make packages for more complex set-ups within the eCommerce, Classifieds and iGaming industries.


  • Email support
  • Instant Chat
  • SMS support
  • Social Channels Support
  • Video Chat
  • Call Answering
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