Social Media Listening and Monitoring

Social media is transforming customer service. This evolution presents significant challenges and major opportunities for companies looking to succeed today. 

Centrecom is highly committed to moving fast with the times in relation to such trends. We offer our clients the possibility of integrating social media marketing efforts with our know-how and experience in customer support and reputation management. The two intertwine within the social platform milieus because clients need clear direction in order for support and complaints to be directed through the correct channels, in order to minimise publicly disgruntled customers, which can damage the perception of prospective clients. We support the logistical process of analysing requirements and provide a customised proposal of what is required. 

Once the requirements have been identified and set-up, supported by the latest technology, we conduct pro-active screening of online content in order to understand what your customers are saying about your brand, products and services. We have a dedicated team of multilingual social media experts providing customer support and reputation management services, whilst ensuring that all your customer concerns are immediately addressed and resolved.

Social Media Customer support is a unique and powerful way of improving your company’s reputation and an undeniable opportunity to engage with the upcoming generation.  

Our product development team places special focus on social media customer support, we understand the value of innovation on this front, especially where this crosses over into reputation management (and often protection).


Our services assure:

  • quick responses to customers public Facebook and Twitter posts and private messages where response is expected to be faster;
  • a customer centric approach serving the same customers across different channels according to their preference;
  • metrics measurement for detailed reporting on performance such as: volume of messages, resolution rate, answering time, resolution time and your customer’s satisfaction;
  • intervention, human monitoring and influence of online shared user content; 
  • pro-active reputation monitoring such as finding mentions related to your business, products, services and keywords and addressing them in a timely manner.



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