Revenue Accounting

The Centrecom setup has always been well suited to the airline industry in that we provide multi-channel support in many languages around the clock. Over the years we have progressed from simple customer care to flight reservations, ticketing issues, medical requests, travel arrangements, refunds and much more.
We offer a complete solution to allow for a successful and consistent revenue accounting process, including customised reporting functions. Our support agents are continuously trained to provide all the services required, across a number of platforms including online chat, email, telephone and social media. We also extend our services to outbound calls in order to advise passengers of flight cancellations, schedule changes, call back requests and promotional campaigns. 
Centrecom's beginnings were deeply rooted within the Aviation industry. Today this positions us on the forefront of Revenue Accounting and BPO outsourcing thanks to our industry-leading experience with Passenger and Cargo Revenue Accounting. Our teams boast a wealth of experience in this industry as we employ a number of experts experienced in back office processes such as sales data processing, Fare, Tax, commission audit, Flight pack, flown processing and much more. We have successfully taken over the internal revenue accounting departments of a number of airlines, modernising their systems and re-engineering their processes for dramatically improved service and efficiency.
We offer a range of service clusters that can be tailored into a well-fitting package that helps your aviation business cut costs whilst providing higher service standards. We can also take care of your multi-channel customer support by providing all our customer facing services through your digital platforms for a seamless customer experience.

Our unparalleled knowledge of the Aviation industry coupled with our multi-lingual 24/7 capability across all your multi-channel platforms can help you grow customer loyalty and repeat business for a great reputation that supports business growth at a fraction of the cost this would cost to provide in-house. We provide our customers with the peace of mind to focus on core business whilst engaging experienced professionals who have mastered the skills and knowledge of revenue accounting. We assess, design and implement comprehensive business reporting, and enhanced customer support services that set the stage for growth.

At Centrecom we offer a myriad of services and service clusters to fulfill the requirements of the Aviation Industry. These services indlude:

  • Passenger Revenue Accounting
    • Own Sales, Exchanges and Refunds
    • Airline Flown Process
    • Airline Inward Billing Process
    • Ticketing Balancing process
    • Reporting
    • Accounts Reconciliations
  • Frequent Flyer Programme support
  • Social Media Listening and Monitoring
  • Multilingual, 24/7 and Volume based Overflow services
  • Reservations and Ticketing
  • Premier contact centre services
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