Payment & Fraud detection for iGaming

Alongside market-leading customer service levels, at Centrecom we have developed a range of services tailored to the iGaming industry and its strict regulatory environemnt. iGaming companies operate mostly exclusively online and can often be referred to as internet comapnies. Requirements are however more complex because strict adherence to licencing and fiancial processes is required to operate successfully in this industry.

We offer a range of fraud management and prevention services, risk monitoring and analysis of financial transactions, auto flagging and blocking of activities posing a risk to a secure online gaming environment.

Our fraud analysts monitor and filter suspicious transactions on a daily basis. A fraud report can often trigger a requirement for further investigation involving request of personal documents. Our contact centre provides outbound calls for this service as well as follow-up and full case resolution.

Clients who come to the site and start playing big amounts of money immediately, may be flagged or frozen by the fraud detection system, which makes the risk of losing them in their first week of play is very high. However this type of client may become a highly profitable VIP client in the long term and therefore must be handled with experienced care.

This positions the fraud department in a key role vis-a-vis the company's growth and short term profitability.  The role of fraud detection teams also extends to catching fraudulent activity early in order to avoid expensive charge backs that might tarnish the Gaming company's reputation.

The iGaming industry is very competitive and fast moving. This coupled with a strict regulatory environment can put stress on start-ups that need to be high-tech, nimble and scalable. This is why we have developed a multi channel solution covering modular service clusters covering voice, email and live chat for your VIP clients which has a volume based entry point making it financially feasible for start-ups.

Our services offering for the iGaming industry encomapsses the following:
  • Payments and Fraud Detection for iGaming
  • Outsourced Multi Channel Complete coverage Contact Centre Services
  • Outbound and Inbound Sales /Research
  • VIP Premier Contact Centre Services
  • Multilingual, 24/7 and Volume based Overflow services
  • Volume based Modular Multi-Channel Contact Centre Solution for start-ups

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