Multi-Lingual Full Coverage Contact Centre

Centrecom offers its call centre customer service support services in multiple languages, such as English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Maltese.

We offer high-quality services in the simultaneous handling of large numbers of incoming and outgoing calls, all in the language in which your customers are fluent in. Our competitive advantage lies in the cultural proximity of our agents to your customers. We assure the highest levels of proficiency and connectedness by employinghigh quality agents that are either mother tongue speakers or second language speakers that have lived in the country of hte language being sourced.

Our multilingual inbound agents can professionally answer any call or email from your customers and provide multi-channel support through our modern IT infrastructure. At the same time, our outbound Call Centre Agents call agents can successfully promote your business in the language of your target market.

Furthermore we make it easy to add on languages as your international base grows.

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