Why outsource to Fiji

Why Fiji is becoming more than just a great holiday destination

A growing number of companies are following the lead of Fiji Airways, the South Pacific region’s acclaimed international airline operating direct services from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong, Honolulu, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and discovering just how easy, efficient and profitable it is outsourcing customer interfacing, ecommerce and operational functions to Pacific Centrecom in Suva, Fiji

Consistent Client Communications, Guaranteed

Having a proficient and friendly outsourcing team at the helm of your brand is paramount to ongoing success. Pacific Centrecommaintains continuity across a broad range of business operations which directly increases and maintains credibility with your clients and your business equity. By choosing an offshore outsourcing country such as Fiji that is geographically close to you, you’re essentially, also, making punctuality a priority and therefore improving your overall business performance. This ultimately achieves a clear line of communication between your management team, Pacific Centrecom and of course your all-important customer.

Business Outsourcing That Pays

Business outsourcing to an efficient, effective organisation such as Pacific Centrecom eliminates the need to resource functional in-house departments (across IT, Marketing, Sales, Ecommerce, to name a few) or invest in internal training and processes ongoing – effectively keeping your opex and running costs down.    Assisting with your operating rhythm and management schedule will aid your business to enter into new markets successfully, by lowering those entry costs and reducing the risks.  By selecting Pacific Centrecom as your offshore outsourcing team, you receive all the benefits of an international contact centre with proven, tested technology, processes and business performance, at a fraction of the cost.  Our wide range of premium world class services include 24/7 Call Answering, Multilingual support, Email, Live Chat, Video Chat, Order Processing, Social Media Support, In-bound and Outbound Sales Research, to name only a few.

Your Outsourced Pacific Centrecom Team

  • Has 80 plus IT / Technology staff and up to 140 call centre operators
  • Operates in 24-7 peak performance mode.
  • Will always communicate confidently as the voice of your brand
  • Always treat each customer as an important individual

Whether you’re an established global company or a fledging start-up it’s worth investigating how an offshore business outsourcing centre can integrate into your communications mix with client.  Contact Pacific Centrecom to learn more about how we manage your key outsourcing requirements and ultimately increase your productivity and profits for your business.
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